Our Approach

We personally work with you and your team to develop an objective view and actionable solutions.

Transformation & Turnarounds


Deep Dive with Your Team

  • Review strategic plans
  • Review tactical and operating plans
  • Validate underlying assumptions, alignment and results
  • Assess the value proposition and supporting evidence

Business Review

  • Assess results to plan for prior years for historical perspective and current performance.
  • Assessment and alignment of KPI’s
  • Talent assessment
  • Future prognosis – are you on track?

Technology Review

  • Product and service alternatives
  • Competitive landscape and benchmarking
  • SWOT analysis
  • New product pipeline

Internal/External Interviews

  • Meet with sales teams and distribution partners
  • Selected field rides
  • Customer interviews

Report & Recommendations

  • Detailed report on findings
  • Review of options and alternatives
  • Proposed plan to address crucial issues and opportunities
  • Implementation plans and support

New Investments & Opportunities


Pre-Meeting Diligence Planning

  • Review the investment thesis with the client
  • Develop background material on the target company; markets, product lines, financials and competition
  • Review available diligence material from  target company data room
  • Prepare background diligence questions and areas for exploration
  • Review diligence objectives and plan with the client
  • Engage outside functional experts as necessary

Company Meetings

  • Conduct an on-site visit to headquarters and key facilities if possible
  • Conduct a deep-dive review of diligence presentation with company management and client
  • Conduct one-on-one meetings with key functional leaders at target company
  • Additional research or customer contacts as determined by diligence plan

Post Meeting Diligence Report

  • A detailed report on diligence findings, including business and personnel assessment, financial assessment, identification of risks, red flags and areas for further diligence
  • Validation of acquisition assumptions, including synergies, and quantification of diligence findings for use in financial modeling and valuation
  • Recommendations on diligence, negotiation strategies, valuation and integration planning
  • Client meeting for comprehensive review of diligence findings

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